The Power Station


Opened in 1932, the plant at Mary Tavy, was, until the 1990's, still largely operating with their original 70 year old turbines, switchgear and gauges. As such they represent an important piece of industrial archaeology, attracting regular visits from educational, institutional and engineering groups.

Only 3 years later it was felt necessary to improve the equipment. These old photos below show the work involved in 1935 when the power house was extended to install 3 extra turbines and pipes were laid from the Wheal Jewell reservoir.

1935 Power House Extension - Photo George Cutland

The man (above) in the trilby is Mr. R.W.Toll the mining metallurgist

Pipes Ariving by Horse & Cart - Photo by George Cutland

While there were trucks about at the time, horse power still offered the best means of moving large objects around off road amongst the difficult terrain of Dartmoor. However man power (below) still offered the most versatile power supply?


Pipes being Unloaded - Photo by George Cutland

For those interested in old vehicles, the photo below shows a truck and steam roller used to put down an access road

Steam Roller - Photo by George Cutland

The Truck on the left is a Morris Commercial Reg No DR-6269