Mary Tavy Parish Council Speeding Group Public Meeting

Tuesday 26th November at the Mary Tavy Methodist Church Hall. Starting at 7pm.

Where is this?

New item for the website, ‘Where is this?’.

Travelling around Mary Tavy there are hundreds of places you may have never seen. So as an insight into the area, pictures will be put on to the website and you have to guess where it is.

The answer will be shared when the next picture gets posted.

Where is this Picture taken below? Yes it’s river but where?

The Picture below is on Kingsett Down, you can just see Wheal Betsy behind the rock.

Where is this picture taken below?

Answer… Inside the Chimney stack of Wheal Betsy

So where is the picture below taken? It’s Horndon Clam. That’s the shortcut from Horndon to Peter Tavy.

Once you could drive a tractor down the track, but no more.

The Place above is Horndon Clam. This place is very special and only the brave gets to go down to the river.

Where is this?

Mary Tavy Code of Conduct 2019

Please find attached Mary Tavy Parish Council Code of Conduct 2019

New Bus Timetable

Please find attached the new bus timetable.

Local Elections – 2nd May 2019 – Declaration of Result of Poll for the Mary Tavy Borough Council Ward

Please find attached the Declaration of Results for West Devon Mary Tavy Ward.

Mary Tavy Parish Election Uncontested

Please find attached information regarding Mary Tavy Parish uncontested Election.

Click below to find out who your new Parish representatives are and who nominated them.

Financial Regulations 2019

Please find attached Mary Tavy Financial Regulations

Chairman’s Report

My final report is attached, which includes projects from the last four years. Just click and read you’ll be really surprised what has been accomplished. We’ve under spent by 8% on our 2018/19 approved Budget. That is with the Allotment fence all paid for!  

Cllr. John Hill


Mary Tavy Parish Council

What to do with your waste

Due to the extremely heavy snow and unsafe working conditions last week, West Devon Borough Council suspended some refuse and recycling collections on Thursday and Friday. 

The Council has decided that from Monday a normal refuse and recycling service will be reinstated and they are asking all residents to put out their collections as normal this week.

For those residents whose collections were missed, the Council asked them to follow the guidance below:

MISSED COLLECTIONS – if your collection was missed because of the snow:

Thursday Collections: 
For anyone whose refuse and recycling collection was missed on Thursday, please put your waste out on Monday 5 March and we will catch up as quickly as we can.

Friday Collections:   

For anyone whose refuse and recycling collection was missed on Friday, please put your missed black sacks out with your normal recycling collection on Friday 9 March. 

Both Council Offices at Kilworthy Park and Okehampton will be open as usual on Monday morning. The Senior Leadership Team of the Council would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the 200 staff who continued to work from home on Thursday and Friday, and also many who continued to work over the weekend. 

All of our office-based staff have laptops with telephone headsets, which allows them to work from any location, meaning that Staff were able to keep safe and warm at home, while continuing to provide a good level of customer service despite the offices being closed.

Please be aware that telephone calls to and from the Council may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Register NOW! Beating the Bounds on Saturday 12th August

On Saturday 12th August at 9am; Beating the Bounds will be setting off from St. Mary’s Church.

Please register on the form attached below and return to  or we’re afraid you won’t be able to participate on the this fantastic day out.

The route has been split into three sections.

Full boundary. Starting and ending at Tavy St Mary Church – approximately 27km

(16 Miles)

Medium course. Brinsabach to Tavy St Mary Church – approximately 16km

(10 Miles)

Short course. Lydford Station to Tavy St Mary Church – approximately 9.5km

(6 Miles)

Those wishing to take part in the full boundary walk will start at 9am from Tavy St Mary on Church Road. Transport to the start of the medium and short courses will be provided. Times to be confirmed.

The Great News is Lunch will be provided and all so there will be a Barbecue at the end for all the Walkers, 5pm at the Coronation Hall.

Hope to see you all there!!