Planning Applications

This article contains information on pending planning applications from within the parish. Click on “Read More” to get further information on any application (the pdf file will download onto your device). We will aim to keep the list up to date by adding new applications as the are received and removing those that Dartmoor National Park have made decisions on.

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Accessibility Statement

New parish council websites are required to display an accessibility statement saying how well they conform to the latest accessibility requirements. Older websites will need to display their statement by the autumn of 2020. The aim is to make websites as accessible as possible to all users. This includes users with disabilities, users accessing the site from a range of devices (e.g. laptops, tablets or smartphones), etc.

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Update on Speeding Problems on the A386 Through Mary Tavy

Those of you that attended the public meeting held on the 26th November or anyone who read the report of the meeting might be wondering what’s happening so here is a brief update:

There was a lot of interest at the meeting in replacing our old 30mph “Slow Down” warning signs (know as Vehicle Advisory Signs or VAS) with new signs that recorded data such as time, traffic flow and vehicle speeds – this despite feedback from the police and DCC Highways that they don’t accept 3rd party data. Shortly after the meeting we got some data from DCC Highways from a covert radar device they had set up in the village for a week (the Parish Council wasn’t informed they’d done this until after the event but we think the device was fixed to the VAS post near Down’s Garage). We found the Highways’ results somewhat surprising as they showed a mean speed of around 28mph and an 85%ile speed of around 33mph (the 85%ile is the speed value that 85% of traffic is at or below…i.e. only 15% of traffic is doing more than 33mph).

We (the Parish Council) thought these figures were lower than many people believe are the real vehicle speeds but we are conscious that if we went ahead and spent a significant proportion of the parish budget on new VAS signs and then found the Highways figures were true, we could be seen to have wasted the money. In light of this we decided to gather some of our own information by renting a radar device. We started taking measurements on the 16th January and finished today (7th Feb). The device (called a Speedspy) gathered data 24 hours a day from 4 positions on the A386 in the village. We decided not to advertise the fact the unit was here until the data collection was finished so that it didn’t affect people’s driving habits.

We should have the data back from the Speedspy in a couple of weeks. Once it’s been analysed, we feel we will be better placed to decide whether we should spend part of the parish council budget on new VAS signs.

We’ll keep everyone updated on progress as and when we can.

Grass Cutting and Maintenance Tender

MARY TAVY PARISH COUNCIL is inviting tenders for

Grass Cutting & Maintenance

The Gardener will be on a contract basis for a period of three years, to undertake grass cutting and general maintenance for designated areas within the Parish.

There is a schedule of work to be undertaken and sketch plans which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

The contractor is required to have their own power and hand tools including lawnmower, strimmer and hedge trimmer.  The contractor must have their own Public Liability Insurance.

Sealed bids to be sent, in an envelope clearly labelled, ‘sealed bid’, by post to Mary Tavy Parish Clerk, 32 Oak Road, Tavistock, PL19 9EZ.  The closing date is Saturday 29th February 2020 at 12 noon.  The bids will be opened and considered in closed session at the March meeting of the Parish Council.  Applicants will be informed of the decision in mid-March and the contract will commence on 1st April 2020.

For further information, queries, or a printed copy of the schedule, maps and application form please contact the Clerk, Katherine Anness, 01822 616047,

What To Do In An Emergency

Here is a copy of the Mary Tavy Parish Council Emergency Plan. As well as containing information on what the Parish Council should do in the event of an emergency it contains, in Annex A, contact details for all Mary Tavy councillors and for the Emergency Warden / Snow Warden. The plan was agreed by the Parish Council in May 2018 and modified in December 2019 to include up to date contact information.

You can also download the document “some useful emergency contact details” which may be of help in an emergency. The details are correct as of December 2019

Let’s hope neither document is ever needed, but we trust they will be of some use should an emergency arise.

Report Of The Speeding Public Meeting Held On The 26th November 2019

The Parish Council hosted a public meeting to discuss speeding on the A386 through Mary Tavy and possible speed reduction methods. Please click on the link to access the report of the meeting.

Where is this?

New item for the website, ‘Where is this?’.

Travelling around Mary Tavy there are hundreds of places you may have never seen. So as an insight into the area, pictures will be put on to the website and you have to guess where it is.

The answer will be shared when the next picture gets posted.

Where is this Picture taken below? Yes it’s river but where?

The Picture below is on Kingsett Down, you can just see Wheal Betsy behind the rock.

Where is this picture taken below?

Answer… Inside the Chimney stack of Wheal Betsy

So where is the picture below taken? It’s Horndon Clam. That’s the shortcut from Horndon to Peter Tavy.

Once you could drive a tractor down the track, but no more.

The Place above is Horndon Clam. This place is very special and only the brave gets to go down to the river.

Where is this?

Mary Tavy Code of Conduct 2019

Please find attached Mary Tavy Parish Council Code of Conduct 2019

New Bus Timetable

Please find attached the new bus timetable.

Financial Regulations 2019

Please find attached Mary Tavy Financial Regulations